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A Beneficiary is an an important role when closing an estate and should be aware of their rights, as well as the Executor’s responsibilities.

You should work with your Executor so they can complete their tasks quickly. That’s the best way to receive your inheritance on time without disputes.

“Every 10 minutes, 6 Canadians die leaving over $1.5 million to be inherited.”

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Have questions about being a beneficiary?  Find answers to important questions below, like:

  • Can a Beneficiary be the Executor, too?
  • What kind of rights do I have?
  • Can I dispute the Executor?
  • Can I request the removal of an Executor?
  • What can I do if the Executor didn’t probate the Will?


The Executor’s Challenge

Feature By Marg Bruineman Canadian Lawyer Magazine Disgruntled beneficiaries are increasingly prepared to challenge wills, leaving the executor’s challenge of struggling to carry out the deceased’s instructions. Instructions from beyond the grave can be a difficult thing. As with most things, wills too have limitations. But how far should he or she go in fulfilling…

Important Inheritance Planning Facts and Steps for Canadians

The modern Canadian family looks very different than it did 50 years ago. Family dynamics are more complex and it makes inheritance planning a difficult task for most people. “In Canada, 12.6% of all families with children aged 24 or less – more than 460,000 Canadian families – are stepfamilies.” – Estate planning for complex…