We have been helping Canadian Executors to navigate the world of estate administration for over 10 years.

Completing Executor tasks during a time of loss is difficult, but unfortunately necessary. We are here to make the process as easy as possible for Executors by:

“Over 1 Million Canadians are Acting as Executors at Any Given Time.”

Scot Dalton, CEO of ERAssure

What We Do

Our ERAssure® products were created in 2011 to address the financial and legal risks associated with acting as Executor in Canada.

Most Canadians take on the Executor role because a parent asked them, but they do not realize they are also accepting financial and legal responsibility for the estate for up to 10 years.

What does that mean?

If the estate is successfully sued, the Executor is the one responsible for paying legal fees and damages.

An estate can be sued for several reasons, including inheritance battles, disgruntled creditors, or even if an estate administration error results in costing the estate money. (For example, if you sell real estate for less than a beneficiary deems it was worth.)

Our products are designed to protect Canadians from this worry so they can focus on closing the estate correctly.

Protection For Today

Executor Liability Insurance

ERAssure® Executor Liability Insurance was the first property casualty insurance policy designed to protect the liabilities of executors, acting as non-professionals, for family members and friends.

ERAssure® is recommended by, and also purchased by, lawyers and notary public practitioners to their wills and estates clientele in Canadian provinces and territories (excluding Quebec).

Please note, our Executor Liability Insurance is only available to Canadians.

Planning For Tomorrow

Estate Risk Protection Plan

The Estate Risk Protection Plan is a pre-need policy underwritten and funded through life insurance.

It provides a broad package of estate administration services and insurance protection automatically issued upon the death of the policyholder for the benefit and protection of the beneficiary family and estate executor.

Our Partners

We partner with a number of groups that provide service and assistance to those planning their estates and executors who are administering estates. We recommend each of them as helpful and trustworthy resources to assist Canadian Executors in completing their tasks.

Willing Wisdom

Get a personalized estate plan to-do list that will tell you how to close the gaps in your estate plan and make a clear and concise will.

Regularly $200, take the assessment and get the to-do list for free compliments of our Team at ERAssure.


An excellent resource for publishing and accessing legal information.

You can advertise to creditors, publish a notice, search for existing wills, and access many helpful Executor resources.

Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors

The official resource for Certified Executor Advisors.

Visit their website to find FAQs, registries, resources, legislation updates, training opportunities, and more.

Peacehold Estate

Peacehold is your estate documentation and executor assistant. Send them the necessary information and they will send you all estate documents completed – you just need to sign.

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