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What are the most common Estate Litigation Disputes?

Estate litigation disputes are unfortunately quite common in Canada. They occur when someone takes issue with the way estate administration tasks are being handled by the executor, such as the division of personal assets. We anticipate that estate disputes will only become more frequent as our population in Canada continues to age. By the year…

Don’t Forget to Add a Beneficiary To Your RSP or RIF

It’s a big mistake that you may not even know you’ve made – you’ve forgotten to add a beneficiary to your RSP or RIF. When you’re setting up an RSP (or RIF) OR transferring funds from an RSP to an RIF, you need to triple check the paperwork and make sure your beneficiary is properly…

The Executor’s Challenge

Feature By Marg Bruineman Canadian Lawyer Magazine Disgruntled beneficiaries are increasingly prepared to challenge wills, leaving the executor’s challenge of struggling to carry out the deceased’s instructions. Instructions from beyond the grave can be a difficult thing. As with most things, wills too have limitations. But how far should he or she go in fulfilling…

Don’t Let Savings on Service Fees Haunt Your Estate

Has one of your client’s paid ongoing spousal support to a deceased ex-partner? Recent developments have raised this concern for executors who forego assistance from professional estate planners.

Use Client Communication to Erase Estate Planning Tension Ahead of Time

When it comes to settling an estate, the word “tension” seems to appear frequently. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of tension is as follows: