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Selling Estate Property to Family Members

As an executor of a will, it’s fairly common to be faced with the scenario of selling estate property to family members, like a family cottage. Typically, the amount that the land, home, cottage, or condo is sold for is administered amongst the beneficiaries in portions dictated by the will. But it isn’t always that…

Cryptocurrency Creates A New Role: The Electronic Estate Executor

Many Canadians wish they had bought cryptocurrency as the value of a single BitCoin rose from $1,229 to $17,618 throughout 2017 (in Canadian dollars). Everyday investors have begun to dive into the Bitcoin craze to make their fortunes even though the cryptocurrency has received criticism financial experts around the globe.

The 725 Days After Your Funeral

Have you ever considered the amount of time and attention many people spend organizing, pre-planning, or writing down their preferences for their funeral? It’s a very important statement for some people, but for many others, it is done simply to minimize the emotional discomfort and potential tension that final arrangements can create within the family….

What are my Executor Duties in Canada?

So you’ve been made an Executor, but what does that actually mean? Your Executor duties are quite extensive (it takes about two years to close an estate in Canada) but not to worry, we have a free Executor Guide that can help you every step of the way. Want a sneak peek? You can see…

What Happens When An Estate Gets Reopened?

There is a misconception surrounding ‘closed’ estates and why an estate can never really be closed. Being the executor of an estate can be a lengthy and tiresome job. Once an executor has paid all of the estate bills, distributed the assets to beneficiaries, and received a clearance letter from the CRA, you’d think your job…

Top Seven Questions Canadians Ask About Estate Administration

Administering an estate can be difficult and bring about many questions. Keep reading to learn the answers to the top seven questions Canadians have asked ERAssure about their estates over the past five years.