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An Executor is the person named in a Will who will carry out the instructions and close the estate. In general, they gather up the estate assets, pay the funeral costs, debts and taxes, and then distributes what remains of the estate to the beneficiaries in the will.

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What Happens When An Estate Gets Reopened?

There is a misconception surrounding ‘closed’ estates and why an estate can never really be closed. Being the executor of an estate can be a lengthy and tiresome job. Once an executor has paid all of the estate bills, distributed the assets to beneficiaries, and received a clearance letter from the CRA, you’d think your job…

The Cybersecurity Risk for Executors That No One Discusses

Most executors don’t think of themselves holding legal liability as a fiduciary, but there are risks that come along with the convenience of modern technology. The cybersecurity risk for executors is very real and it presents a large source of potential problems that executors and advisors need to consider.