Executor Preparation Course: Final Test

Who is the testator?

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The testator is the person who made a will.

True or False: joint executors can sign documents and cheques independently.

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False, joint executors must co-sign all documents and cheques.

Mom left $50,000 to her dog, Snuffles. Do I have to honour it?

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Yes, you must honour it but you can dispute it if you wish. That will require estate litigation and legal fees.

A charity was names as a beneficiary of the will and they sent a list of estate questions. Do I need to answer them?

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Yes, a charity is permitted to ask questions, know who the executor is, and receive a copy of the will.

Your siblings insist the cottage should stay in the family. The will says it must be sold. What can you do?

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The executor could sell the cottage directly to a family member or they could file a claim and go through estate litigation to keep it in the family.

The estate doesn't have enough funds to cover all debts. What happens now?

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You liquidate estate assets under the advice of a legal professional and start by repaying high-priority debts first. An executor only risks paying out-of-pocket when they make a mistake in the repayment process and are not insured.

Dad owned several rental properties when he passed away, who takes over his landlord duties?

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The executor is in charge of informing tenants, redirecting their payments to the estate account, and either performing landlord duties themselves or using estate funds to hire a service to do it.

You've just become an executor and reviewed the will, but it does not include executor protection. What do you do?

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