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ERAssure announces the release of a Discussion Paper for Financial Professionals involved with the looming $1 Trillion inter-generational transfer of wealth in Canada. (Read more...)

Executor and Estate Liability Insurance

Many of your clients are acting as estate trustees and executors and do so without insurance for their personal liability. Lawyers refer to estate administration as the “New Frontier for Legal Liability” and now you can be part of the solution.

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Find out about ERAssure, the advisor tools available, and how a simple advisor-client estate risk assessment can build new product and client opportunities.


Executor and Estate Liability Insurance - The Advisor's Role

Process Guide for Financial Advisors Provides a process for estate discussions and is intended to be used with the Practical Guide to Inheritance Planning.
Executor Liability:
An Overview for Financial Advisors
A short discussion on the significant issue of executor risk, the need for protection and the unique opportunity this presents for the financial advisor.


Resources for your Clients

Client Letter Send this letter to your clients advising them of the risk associated with being an executor and the availability of insurance.
A Practical Guide to Inheritance Planning This guide is invaluable to clients for planning purposes. It is also a tremendous value-add for the professionals you work with whose clients also need this information.
Will Preparation Guide This document can be used by your clients to begin gathering the information required to create a legal will. Note: This is not a legal will.
Executor Guide This Guide helps the executor understand their role and responsibilities and provides guidence in the administration efforts.
Cover page for the
Executor Guide
Add a personal touch to the Executor Guide by including your logo and address on this customizable cover page.
Executor Liability:
An Overview for Consumers
Use this paper to highlight the obligations and responsibilities of the non-professional executor.
Letter of Direction This informal document can be used to authorize future executors to purchase liability insurance. This completed form can be kept with the will or given to the executor.


Additional Resources

Executor Liability:
An Overview for Professionals
A discussion about an emerging client risk through estate administration liability written for lawyers and accountants.
Application Form Email the completed application form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a quote.
Advisor FAQ's Financial Advisor FAQ's.