Using Technology to Streamline Will-Planning

Throughout the past decade, technology has transformed the world immensely. Tools like social media and video messaging are subjects that people could only dream of 30 years ago.  

The practice of law has arguably been slower to embrace new technologies.

Will and estate planning, however,  just got a much-needed overhaul for 2017.

Quite often there can be a substantial disconnect between a client’s expectations for estate planning and their lawyer’s suggestions, which can create a stressful (and perhaps expensive) ordeal for both parties.

Recently, Toronto estates lawyer Ian Hull created the ‘Hull e-State Planner’—a mobile and desktop application that assists lawyers with their clients’ wills, improving efficiency for both parties.

“Hull knows the results of a poorly prepared will. He is also a well known litigator in his firm, which is one of Canada’s leading boutique estate practices.”

Hull noted that he favored explaining will and estate planning with clients through the use of a whiteboard in his office, which sparked his inspiration for the app.

The app’s goal is to let people adopt a visual approach to planning their estates. Visual depictions of assets and investments gives people an intuitive understanding of the legal process involved.

Lawyers that use the tool can help clients by making sure there are detailed checklists and important notes that keep the lawyer and client literally “on the same page”.

If you’re looking for more advice on will and estate planning, download this complimentary Will Preparation Guide or visit for more practical tips and information.

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